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Automated translation processes for all your digital content

Strengthen your global presence by integrating your translation vendors, freelancers and in-house translators into one streamlined workflow

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A localization platform to speed up your marketing campaigns

We help you to automate the localization of all content types

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Easy oversight of project costs
Track translation progress in real-time
Check translation memory leverage instantly

Your benefits with 24|contenthub

Work with your preferred translation vendors

Instantly launch collaborative projects between trusted language service providers, freelancers and/or your in-house translation team. 24|contenthub makes it easy.

Improve quality and lower costs

Use 24|contenthub’s suite of translation tools to ensure consistent quality across vendors. Reduce localisation expenses with company-wide translation memories for your projects.

Take control of the translation process

Monitor and customise translation processes via dynamic workflows and flexible configuration options. Stay on top of automated processes with 24|contenthub’s reporting capabilities.

Accelerate your global marketing

Powerful connectors and open contenthub API allow customers to integrate their marketing systems (company CMS, E-Commerce System, PIM, DAM etc.) seamlessly, all while reducing overall turnaround time for global marketing and communications.

Seamless Integration

24|contenthub is the most efficient, user-friendly translation automation platform for content creation on the market today. Our portfolio of integration solutions and connectors ensure optimal project management for clients, streamlining their international projects and drastically reducing turnaround times for new products or global releases in the process. Following installation, you are just a few clicks away from localising your international content. What’s more, your team doesn't necessarily need to learn how to use our platform — with our extensions they can work in their current environments (company CMS, e-shop-system, PIM, DAM etc).

We are continuously expanding our portfolio. Is your system not listed? Just contact us!

Stay flexible when ordering translations

Everybody knows the importance of a good translation. Quality matters, which is why the translation process sometimes lacks the flexibility demanded by our fast-paced world. As a company, how do you ensure consistent quality amidst rapidly-changing content, real-time customer engagement and community interactions across the globe? To do so, you need the flexibility and automation provided by 24|contenthub. 24|contenthub allows customers to centralise their language resources (translation memories and glossaries) while continuing to work with their preferred translation services. Don't pay for seats per user — work with as many freelancers or in-house translators as you want, guaranteed. Integrate your entire company into one seamlessly integrated, automated workflow and watch your global marketing capabilities grow. Want to learn more?

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