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Our connectors help reduce cost-drivers in digital marketing campaigns and re-launch projects, while our open API is ideally suited for custom integrations, as well as to automate the localisation process for agile software development. Project management, vendor communication and review processes for translated content represent a significant portion of the cost of internationalisation projects, 70% of which can be reduced by using 24|contenthub integration solutions.

Simply select the content (pages/articles) stored in your Content Management System that you want to localise, request a quote from linked vendors then submit the order to the vendor of your choice. The rest is taken care of —the translation will be automatically imported into your system and made available for publishing.

Are you looking for support with your localisation process? We can provide you with the right kind of expertise. Globalisation can mean much more than just a translation — optimise your review process, integrate SEO specialists and get the best results for your website launch.

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