Localize your TYPO3 website with 24|contenthub

Order translations from your TYPO3 CMS — 24|contenthub makes it possible

Our powerful, easily integrated TYPO3 connector provides the complete range of features needed for a smooth and automated website localisation project. Submit the content you would like translated directly from TYPO3 to our 24|contenthub platform, then automatically import it back as a translated page. Our platform automates the process all while helping you stay informed. The process can be adapted specifically to your needs, ensuring high quality, targeted translations for your website and intended audience. Want to see how it works? Contact us for a quick demonstration of our TYPO3 integration.

Take advantage of our TYPO3 contenthub connector

Save time and money

Say goodbye to manual exports, constant file management, unnecessary e-mail communication and a limited overview of what is left to be done. Our TYPO3 contenthub connector will save you time and money by automating the entire process and guaranteeing you the best translation memory leverage.

Reliable and secure

Our comprehensive security standards are protecting your data and your processes, thanks to modern encryption and role-based access control for key features of the connector and the 24|contenthub platform.

Stay in control of your processes and content

Our overviews provide users with a complete perspective on their project’s localisation status. Content is stored in your CMS and also made available via our platform. You select the vendors to work on your projects, while our reporting capabilities keep you informed about your spending.

Consistency and completeness, guaranteed

Using a translation memory and glossary that are independent of the vendor ensures consistent translations. Changes made to already translated pages are detected automatically, ensuring that you don't pay twice for previously translated strings.

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